Cold Hearted Feat. FetusMusik (Prod. Lexi Banks)

from by SlEEk

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This track is about being wrongly perceived as "Cold Hearted" for following your dreams and purpose.



Verse 1
Heard no good dead goes unpunished
And change has made me not the person that I once was
Everything is different, so what, everything is different
So what if another person doesn't get it?
What's different is I've come off cold-hearted cause I mind my business
(Cause I mind my business)
And he doesn't get it
He doesn't get it
And she doesn't get it
Doesn't get it
I was raised to learn what people needed
Being big hearted has me feeling defeated, sometimes
But a feeling doesn't mean the demons
On my ass or in my path or in my face
Can beat a angel on the defense any direction whichever way
Whatever I say, Whatever I do
Is not probable cause to be in hot pursuit
You got these emotions, go filter them through
It won't be the end of me, but maybe for you
I thought (I thought)
After all that we've been through
I'd thought you'd see that
That I am that I am not am that I'm you
(Wait) Before you go...
I am that I am not am that I'm you


Verse 2
The one sung song for the unsung introvert
For the ones from the slums
Being treated like they came from another part of the universe
Where it don't hurt
Hurt to get brushed off like you're dirty work
Cause that's all you've known
Lower than the dirt
Never shown the freedom to know
What you're worth and what you deserve
(For yourself)
Trying to find the love from someone else
You're hurt and you're felt
It's hurt and it helps
When you open your eyes then you'll realize you don't do that to your self
(I just got one question)
If you don't do that to yourself
(Well then...)
Why would you do that to yourself?
Stop the comprimising
Stop the explanations
Start the need for self approval
Stop the need for validation
If everybody wants something then why should you have something to prove
Is that the reason you're lookin' at me like I'm lookin' at you
Are you trapped in a world where enough doesn't come out of all that you do
I'm the least of your concerns, cause I live in it too


Verse 3
Misunderstanding or miss understood
Can anyone tell me, what's really bad
And what's really good
Nowadays, I'm just focused on the willing
Bringing in the light from any kind of position
Reflection by the light is telling me that it's healing
Reflected by the light is telling me that there's feeling
I can't wake you up and make you up
To see something you don't want to see
And it's times like this where I don't protest
You be you and I'll go be me
But who am I kidding we're connected to each other
Who are you shittin' you're a reflection of me, brother
Mother, father, mister, sister
We've all got scars and we'll all got blisters
Living life in a world so cold
Dying inside cause the dream's on hold
Trying to be the stronghold in the household
Yeah I know (Yeah, I know)
That's why I'm trying to chase my passion
Get back to the facts
If you ain't adding then you're subtracting
Oh (Oh) but motherfuckers swear you're cold hearted
Well if that's what it takes
I guess I'm cold hearted



from Unknown Artist, track released November 11, 2016
Lexi Banks (Producer)
Knock Nation Studios (Engineering)
FetusMusik (Hook Vocal and Lyrics)
SlEEk (Vocals and Lyrics)



all rights reserved


SlEEk Saint Petersburg, Florida

Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, FL. SlEEk is a planetarian who never fails to stamp her floetry on any beat. It's apparent that this illuminating visionary was put here to make an impact in this world while making the most out of this life. She was built for this. ... more

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